A weird NBA rotation that might just work.

Bulls: Play Markannen at shooting guard and run sets like the ’08 Celtics

PG: Grant, Dunn

SG: Markannen, Wade

SF: Zipser, LaVine

PF: Portis, Mirotic

C: Felicio, Lopez

This team is eerily similar to the ’08 Celtics in terms of skill set.

Jerian Grant is a good perimeter defender with a pass-first mentality (Rondo).

Lauri Markannen was one of the best shooters in college at 7 feet tall, so his shot would almost be unblockable by NBA guards (just like Ray Allen’s fast and high release).

Paul Zipser is 6’7″, stocky, with great footwork and mid-range game (like Paul Pierce).

Bobby Portis is 6’11”, 250 pounds of wild intensity with a solid mid-range game (like Kevin Garnett).

Cristiano Felicio is a 6’10” defensive minded player with limited offensive skills, but nonetheless valuable as a screener, rebounder and defensive anchor (Kendrick Perkins).

The bench would be the most talented in the NBA, especially once LaVine comes back from injury. They would play fast, yet be able to score in the half court, especially with an offense revolving around Wade isos or post ups.

Denzel Valentine, Cameron Payne and Justin Holiday can fill in whenever another player goes down.

The Bulls could awlays play the boring lineup of Dunn, Wade, Zipser, Markannen and Lopez, but why wouldn’t you exploit a mismatch liek Markannen at SG and make an uber-bench unit?

A big question would be Markannen defending shooting guards, but I don’t see this as a problem. Despite being huge, he is fleet of foot and agile (which means he might struggle as a traditional stretch four as he would get bullied inside). Even if a defender beats him, he’s got long enough arms to contest a shot.



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