Three year plan for New York Jets (as of Week 9 2019)

Guys, I have made a plan for the New York Jets.

Right now (in Week 9 of ’19-20 season), the Jets should:

Sign T/G Garret Brumfield for 3 years ($750k per year) and start him at RT.
Sign C Justin Falcinelli for 2 years ($750k) and start him at C.
Sign G Terrone Prescod for 3 years ($750k) and start him at LG.
Start Chuma Edoga at LT.
Sign QB Taylor Cornelius for 5 years ($750k) and start him at QB.
Sign RB LJ Scott for 4 years ($750k) and have him be RB2.
Sign TE Donald Parham for 3 years ($750k) and make him TE1.
Sign FB Winston Dimel for 2 years ($750k) and have him be starting FB.
Sign CB Tarvarus McFadden to 4 years ($750k) and start him as CB1.

Sign ILB Khalil Hodge to 3 years ($750k) and make him ILB3.

Sign DT Trenton Thompson (3 years, $750k) with view of him replacing Quinnen Williams in 2020.
Sign QB Luke Falk for 2 years ($750k) as QB2.
Sign SS Kamari Cotton-Moya for 2 years ($750k)
Sign ILB Jeff Allison for 2 years ($750k)
Sign RB Alex Collins for 2 years ($1mil per year)
Sign a second long snapper.
Sign a substitute kicker that can also punt in case one of the first stringers gets injured.

Change to 4-3 front for the time being with Q-Will and Jordan Willis as DE.

Cut necessary amount of players (see below for list of guys I’d cut).

Trade Sam Darnold and Trumaine Johnson to Cowboys for Travis Frederick. This gives away $22mil in salaries and brings back $10m, so this will save $12 mil in cap space.

Trade Quinnen Williams and a 2020 2nd rounder for Aaron Donald. Lose $18 mil in cap space.

Trade Foley Fatukasi (after his breakout year, we have too many DTs!) and OLB Tarrell Basham for Washington T Trent Williams and a 5th round pick. Lose $12 mil in cap space.

Trade: Jonathon Harrison C (in return for 5th rder), Trevon Wesco TE (4th rder) and Kyle Phillips (5th rounder). Gain $4 mil in cap space.

Cut: RB Moore, WR Bellamy, WR Smith, T McDermott, CB Austin, ILB Langi, ILB Burgess, DE Tapper, RB Cannon. Gains $6.5 mil in cap space.

Cap space before offseason moves is $55 mil (due to signing of players mid-’19-20 season), is now $44 mil after those moves.


Sign Von Miller to 3 years, $14 mil per year.
Sign Byron Jones to 4 years, $16 mil per year.
Sign Greg Zuerlien to 3 years, $5 mil per year.
Sign Lac Edwards for 2 years, $1 mil per.
Sign Brian Poole to 1 year, $3 mil per.
= $39 mil spent.

2020 DRAFT

Picks: 1st rounder, 4th rounder, 4th rounder (from Wesco trade), 5th rounder, 5th rounder (from Harrison trade), 5th rounder (from Trent Williams trade), 6th rounder (from Phillips trade), 6th rounder.

Needs: Starting WR, backup FS, TE3, backup T, backup G, backup WR, RB3, QB3, TE/FB4, backup DB

With 1st rounder, take Tee Higgins
With 4th rounder, take David Dowell.
With 4th rounder, take Jalen Hurts
With 5th rounder, take Saadiq Charles
With 5th rounder, take Kindle Vildor
With 5th rounder, take Anthony McFarland
With 6th rounder, take Prince Tega Wanogho
With 6th rounder take Domonick Wood-Anderson

Sign DE Jaquan Bailey as UDFA (2 years, $750k per year).

QB: Corn, Hurts, Falk
RB: Bell, Scott, McFarland, Alex Collins
TE: Parham, Wood-Anderson, Herndon, Dimel
WR: Higgins, Crowder, Enunwa, Wallace, Berrios
T: Williams, Edoga
G: Prescod, Wanogho
C: Frederick, Falcinelli
G: Winters, Brumfield
T: Charles.
FS: Maye, Dowell, Poole
SS: Adams, Cotton-Moya
CB: Jones, McFadden, Vildor, Roberts, Hairston
ILB: Mosley, Hodge, Williamson, Allison
OLB: Miller, Cashman, Willis, Bailey
DT: Donald, Shepherd, TT, Henry A, McClendon.
K: Zuerlein, K/P2
P: Edwards
LS: Hennessy, LS2

– KR/PR depth chart: Collins, McFarland, Wallace, Berrios, Crowder.

– Kickoff team: K2, Adams, Cotton-Moya, Dowell, Vildor, Hodge, Allison, Bailey, Hairston, Williamson, Cashman.

– – Kickoff receive team: Collins (KR), Dimel, Herndon, Enunwa, Wallace, Scott, McFarland, McFadden, Williamson, Bailey, Wood-Anderson.

– – Punt team: LS, Edwards, Collins, Dimel, Herndon, Enunwa, Wallace, Scott, Hairston, Crowder, Williamson.

– – Punt return team: Collins (PR), Dowell, Bailey, Williamson, Dimel, Herndon, McFarland, Hairston, Poole, Allison, Berrios

– – FG team: K, LS, LS2 (placeholder), Edoga, Falcinelli, Wanogho, Brumfield, Dimel, Herndon, Enunwa, Berrios

– – FG defend team: Dowell, Bailey, Williamson, Hairston, Shepherd, TT, Willis, McFadden, Vildor, Cotton-Moya, Henry A.

– Goal line: Shepherd, TT, Donald, Von, Adams, Mosley, Hodge, Jones, Murphy, Maye, Henry A.

Base defence is 3-4 with Cashman on outside, but when we go 4-2 or 5-1 (nickel) Hodge comes off and Cashman goes back to ILB, with Donald on the edge.
Sub Derrick Willis or Jaquan Bailey in as a sub pass rusher on occasion.
Use offensive flex players (eg Dimel, Wood-Anderson, Enunwa, Scott) depending on situation.
Dowell is dime DB, with Vildor as CB3.

Run primarily between the tackles, unless with Collins and McFarland who are predominantly outside zone guys.
Corn can throw anywhere on field so throwing deep passes to Higgins, and to Crowder from the slot, will work. Not sure if Enunwa has speed to take top off D though.
Flex Bell and Scott out wide a fair bit.
Use Dimel around 10% of time primarily as a short yardage runner and blocker.
Easy screen passes to receivers and running backs keeps defense honest out wide.
Can flex Parham out wide for mismatches against both LBs (with speed) and corners (with size).
Enunwa and Higgins can take hits from slant routes.
Corn is good enough with his legs to run around 3 read option plays per game, and can be great at QB sneaks (depth at QB is good so don’t need to worry too much about injury).
Run play action often, keep Corn in the pocket mostly though.


ramsay jets
Could Jalen Ramsay be obtained to combine with Jamal Adams? Photo courtesy of Elite Sports NY.

Trade Enunwa, Herndon, Berrios, Roberts, Henry A, as they’re either not good enough or are being paid too much to be backups. besides, we need to use our draft picks on some players!

Assume we get back top players at TE (eg Herndon, Roberts and 4th round pick for OJ Howard) and OLB (eg Enunwa, Henry A and Berrios for Uchenna Nwosu). These deals would trade away $26 mil in cap, and bring in $5 mil in cap, so that’s $21 million in savings!

– Marcus Maye (3 years, $6 mil per year)
– Pick up 5th year option on Jamal Adams ($13 mil for a year?)

Top free agents:
Sammy Watkins, Allen Robinson, David Bakhtiari, Corey Davis, Jalen Ramsay, Kyle Justczyck, Devante Parker, DeForest Buckner, Kenny Golloday, Eddie Jackson, George Kittle, Joe Ostman, Mike Zimmer.
– Jackson – 5 years, $13 mil per year.
– Bakhtiari – 4 years, $15 mil per year.
– Ramsay – 4 years, $13 mil per year.
– Corey Davis – 5 years, $9 mil per year.
– Juscyck – 2 years, $7 mil per year.
– Ostman – 3 years, $5 mil per year.
– DeForest Buckner – 5 years, $17 mil per year.
– DeVante Parker – 4 years, $7 mil per year.
= $87 million.

Had $161 mil in cap space in 2021 offseason at time of writing, but 2020 moves make it $150 mil in space.
Trades before free agency in 2021 make it $171 mil in space.
$36 mil in expenditure in 2020 free agency makes that $135 mil in space.
2021 expenditure including extension of Maye and Adams makes $30 mil in space.

Needs: backup CB, backup DT. Can fit 4 players on roster, unless I want to also trade Allison or Cotton-Moya. Looking forward, I’ll let Falk, Collins, and Allison walk and trade away Crowder and Mosley, so I can also draft a 3rd QB, a backup RB, a backup WR or a couple of ILBs. Trade rest of picks for future picks.

QB: Corn, Hurts, Falk
RB: Bell, Scott, McFarland, Alex Collins.
TE: Howard, Juscyck, Parham, Wood-Anderson
WR: Davis, Parker, Higgins, Crowder, Wallace, draftee
T: Bakhtiari, Edoga
G: Prescod, Wanogho
C: Frederick, Falcinelli
G: Brumfield
T: Charles.
FS: Jackson, Maye,
SS: Adams, Dowell, Cotton-Moya
CB: Ramsay, Jones, McFadden, Vildor, draftee
ILB: Mosley, Cashman, Hodge, Allison
OLB: Miller, Nwosu, Ostman, draftee
DT: Donald, Buckner, Shepherd, TT, draftee
K: Zuerlein, K/P2
P: Edwards
LS: Hennessy, LS2


NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills
Signing Tredavious White in free agency would give the Jets a freakish secondary. Photo courtesy of BillsWire.

Trade Crowder, Mosley. Get elite guard back. Save around $13 mil.

Extend Von (2 years, $8 mil per year) Howard (5 years, $13 mil per year), Nwosu (4 years, $9 mil per year), Nate Shepherd (3 years, $5 mil per year) and Jamal Adams (5 years, $17 mil per year).

Sign guys like Stephon Gilmore, Kuechly, Lane Johnson, David DeCastro, Tredavious White, Ryan Ramczyck, Will Hernandez, James Daniels, Orlando Brown Jr and a punter.
– Sign White (5 years, $14 mil per year), DeCastro (2 years, $15 mil per year), Lane Johnson (2 years, $9 mil per year), punter (3 years, $2 mil per year).

There is now approximately $270 mil in salaries committed to the roster, but there’s a projected $380 million salary cap in 2022, so we’re well under the cap.


Needs: QB3, backup RB. Can fit in 2 more players beyond that also. Trade rest of picks for future picks, or look ahead to see who we’ll let go in free agency and fill those spots.

QB: Corn, Hurts, 2022 draftee
RB: Bell, Scott, McFarland, 2022 draftee
TE: Howard, Juscyck, Parham, Wood-Anderson
WR: Davis, Parker, Higgins, Wallace, 2021 draftee
T: Bakhtiari, Edoga
G: elite guard, Wanogho
C: Frederick, Brumfield
G: DeCastro,
T: Johnson, Charles.
FS: Jackson, Maye, Vildor
SS: Adams, Dowell.
CB: Ramsay, White, Jones, McFadden, 2021 draftee
ILB: Cashman, Hodge, 2021 draftee
OLB: Miller, Nwosu, Ostman
DT: Donald, Buckner, Shepherd, TT, 2021 draftee
K: Zuerlein, K/P2
P: Edwards
LS: Hennessy, LS2


Check out my Twitter handle @ben4skinner for more sports commentary and let me know what you think.


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